ConBio™ RevLite® SI Q-Switched Nd:YAG

One of the earliest safe "skin" lasers, the RevLite® is the gold standard for removal of decorative, cosmetic and traumatic tattoos. It is also used to remove brown birthmarks and benign flat pigmented lesions such as sunburn freckles and age spots. All patients with pigmented lesions are assessed by a dermatologist prior to treatment. Laser wavelengths produced: 532nm and 1064nms.

The new Smart Infinite™ (SI) Handpiece offers micro-adjustments in spot size enabling practitioners to utilise the largest spot size for treatment at the highest fluence for faster and more efficient treatments. The combination of the new larger spot size and the availability of a medical-grade inhaled analgesic agent means Laser Dermatology is the specialist centre of choice for the treatment of large tattoos in shorter and less uncomfortable treatment sessions.

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