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    New tattoo removal laser the first in Australia

    RevLite® SI is a new generation Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser up until recently only available in the US and Canada. Laser Dermatology now has the first Revlite SI in Australia.

    RevLite SI provides greater effiency and comfort with nearly 60% more power* to treat stubborn multi-colored tattoos, pigmented lesions plus non-ablative skin resurfacing. Proprietary PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse® (PTP) features a unique nanosecond pulse configuration delivering up to 1.6 Joules, even at larger spot sizes --enabling highly effective procedures with less heat and increased safety.

    The new Smart Infinite™ (SI) Hand piece offers micro-adjustments in spot size enabling practitioners to utilise the largest spot size for treatment at the highest fluence for faster and more efficient treatments.

    The combination of the new larger spot size and the availability of a medical-grade inhaled analgesic agent means Laser Dermatology is the specialist centre of choice for the treatment of large tattoos in shorter and less uncomfortable treatment sessions.

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