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    Laser Dermatology announces it has received the first Boost™ Upgrade for its state-of-the-art PicoSure® laser!

    We are the very first practice in the nation to receive and implement this exciting upgrade which increases the speed of the picosecond pulse delivered by the PicoSure™ laser. The result is a 70% increase in the photomechanical PressureWave™. Research supports that any increase in photomechanical pressure will increase the destruction and elimination of tough tattoo inks, regardless of colour.

    At Laser Dermatology we have already begun using the Boost™ software to target tough recalcitrant tattoos. The PicoSure® laser goes beyond photothermal action and utilizes photomechanical pressure and impact stress to shatter ink into the smallest of particles so that they can be easily removed from the body.

    PicoSure® clears tattoos in fewer treatments than older Q-switched lasers and with fewer side effects. For questions regarding this exciting development or to discuss your desire for tattoo removal please contact our PicoSure® nurse via email at or free call 1800-LASERS.

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