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What is PicoToning treatment?

In past few months, Laser Dermatology has been treating patients with the PicoSure Focus Lens Array for skin rejuvenation treatments for a range of conditions from wrinkles, to sun damage and even acne scarring.

Our PicoToning treatments works by having the Focus Lens Array concentrating the PicoSure pulse to a precise depth. This technology is safer than nanosecond technology because only 10% of the skin is treated with high fluence - increasing the level of safety, while reducing the number of required treatments. 

The Focus Lens Array's level of precision is unprecedented, meaning that patients can expect dramatic results in a short space of time. Patients typically only experience one hour of redness following the treatment, allowing  them to return their regular activities quickly. 

We are really excited by the amazing results that the PicoToning treatment has had for our patients over the past 4 months. Our patients are also just as excited by the marked changes to their skin, even after just one treatment.

For more information on our PicoToning treatment or for a free consultation, please call us on 9890 1844.

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