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How do you remove spider veins and does it hurt?

Superficial leg veins, known as spider veins are small dilated blood vessels, which have a web-like pattern or look like tree branches. Sometimes they form a large mat that looks like a bruise and are quite common, especially in women.

The gold standard treatment for superficial leg veins is Sclerotherapy. It involves the injection of the fine veins with a solution, which irritates the vessel walls and causes the vein to collapse and fade. Dr Bekhor uses a sclerosant solution called Aethoxysclerol, which is safer and more comfortable than the older saline solutions. In some cases laser may be used in conjunction with the sclerotherapy injections to close a vein. The closed vein then loses its source of blood and dissolves. The procedure is done in a doctor's office or clinic and takes 5 to 30 minutes, depending on how many veins are treated and how big they are.

Like with any medical treatment, there may be some discomfort. Some may find the sclerotherapy injection painful causing a feeling of burning or cramping for a few minutes in the area where the shot was given. Leg spider veins usually require more than one treatment, and treatment is best carried out when the patient is not planning sun exposure.

To assist in the success of the treatment of spider leg veins, all patients are advised to wear compression stockings for at least one week after the treatment. These are not unlike the travel stockings worn when flying and available at the practice.

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