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Does smoking effect how many tattoo removal treatments I will need?

It does indeed! A study published in Arch Dermatol has found that smokers require more treatments to completely remove their tattoo than non-smokers.

The study analysed the different variables affecting the treatment course and prognosis of Q-switched laser tattoo removal. The study which was performed in Milan, retrospectively analysed 352 patients over the course of 15 years with a variety of data collected such as height, weight, Fitzpatrick skin prototype, alcohol consumption, smoking status and tattoo characteristics.

Each patient's responsiveness to laser treatment was measured over multiple sessions and was treated by the same investigator.

The major finding that has come out of this study is the significant effect that smoking has on laser tattoo removal. Of the 352 patients analysed, 185 were listed as smokers, and only 22.8% of these listed smokers successfully achieved complete tattoo removal after 10 treatment sessions.

In a nutshell, 78% of smokers will require more treatment for complete removal of their tattoo. A perfect reason to quit smoking, save money and cleanse your skin & lungs at the same time!

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