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Does Hyperhidrosis affect people during winter?

As we all know, sweating is our bodies' process of cooling itself. But in some people, this process can become overactive, producing up to five times more sweat than is necessary. This is Hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis has no serious health effects, but it can cause various mental and emotion distresses. When sweating is this extreme, it can be highly embarrassing, uncomfortable, as well as, anxiety-inducing. Hyperhidrosis can affect many aspects of a person's life from their careers, recreational activities and even personal relationships. 

Many people believe that Hyperhidrosis is only an issue during the summer months because the weather is warm, but that is a false assumption. The colder winter months also bring with it frustrating circumstances for Hyperhidrosis sufferers. For instance, the added layers we wear over winter can cause us to sweat more, because as we move between cold environments and heated rooms, our bodies are constantly trying to acclimatise to differing temperatures.

Sweating doesn't only occur due to exposure to external heat, someone may sweat when they are nervous or excited or for a number of other reasons. We all sweat over important presentations at work or get nervous over a first date - situations that all occur year-round.

Even though there is no true and tested way to cure Hyperhidrosis, Laser Dermatology's miraDry treatment is the closest alternative. Used for the treatment of underarm sweating, the average sweat reduction rate is a whopping 82%. The treatment is completely non-invasive and only one or two procedures are recommended at 3-month intervals to achieve the best results.

Laser Dermatology is the first medical practice in Australia to operate the miraDry system. For more information on this new treatment or for a free consultation, call us on 9890 1844.

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