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Can you remove my baby's port wine stain birthmark before she starts school?

The short answer is yes! And we'd love to help. It's also a very common request.

Skin blemishes that are present at birth or appear soon after are generally referred to as "birthmarks". These may be red or brown and represent an overgrowth of superficial blood vessels or pigment cells. The treatment of these birthmarks depends on the type of lesion.

Port wine stain birthmarks in particular are flat red marks are present at birth and will not disappear over time. Until recently, these birthmarks were life-long problems which have the potential to thicken and unfortunately become more unsightly with ageing. Our Dr Bekhor is the foundation director of the laser unit at the Royal Children's Hospital, and has been using laser therapy to fade and, in many cases, remove these birthmarks in young children before they start school. This has enormous positive social implications for the child.

Young children can be treated at the Royal Children's Hospital. Adults who have missed out on early intervention may also benefit from treatment using different kind of lasers. The Dermatology Laser Unit at the Royal Children's Hospital is the only specialist paediatric centre in Victoria that can offer safe treatment under safe paediatric general anaesthesia. With the right doctor and the right laser treatment, you can give your child the best chance of fitting in at ease.

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